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Our aims are to collate information, especially photographs, for all Britten-Norman aircraft.

Who are "BN Historians"?

BN Historians is an independent society formed in April 1970, by four school friends who felt that Britten-Norman aircraft production needed recording, to ensure that the increasing numbers of BN-2 aircraft then being produced were properly documented.

Activities have included the publication of four books, "The First 500" in November 1974, "12 Years On" in July 1977, "1000 Up" in January 1983 and "Islander96" in July 1996. Each book gave a detailed production history, together with a brief company history, and sold quickly.

Our latest version of the BN-2 Production History is a personally "printed to order" book on loose-leaf A4 format. With full indexes this is the most up to date data available - £40.00 plus carriage. A PDF file is also available for only £35.00 - no carriage - will be emailed after confirmed payment. Email us for more information: enquiries@bnhistorians.co.uk

Up to March 2006 we published a quarterly A5 colour magazine, Islander News. Publication of Islander News has now ended, but back issues are available: Islander News back issues

Our books have been used by the Britten-Norman company, and by BN-2 owners and operators worldwide. In 1989 all our data was transferred to a computer database, which is now the most up to date database of BN products worldwide.

BNH helped with the formation of BNAPS - the Britten-Norman Aircraft Preservation Society. With financial assistance from Airstream International Group Ltd BNAPS have purchased the oldest Islander in existence, 003 G-AVCN, for restoration to a static exhibit. 
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Email us on enquiries@bnhistorians.co.uk