Around the end of the 1990s, BN Historians, had been considering  the idea of preserving, hopefully in flying condition, the earliest Islander in existence. We knew that serial number 003 sat at Isla Grande Airport, San Juan, Puerto Rico, since being withdrawn from use in 1997. This was the oldest surviving Islander, as numbers 1 & 2 were no longer extant. 

Thankfully someone else had the same idea: Peter Graham, who owned the aviation finance company, Airstream International Group. He also had plans to recover the 3rd Islander, and was prepared to put an amount of financial backing behind the project. So, during 1999 a plan was formulated to go to Puerto Rico and bring back Islander 003, "Charlie November". (The name Charlie November comes from the last two letters of her UK registration markings G-AVCN).

We then set up BNAPS:  Britten-Norman Aircraft Preservation Society as a Registered Charity, No. 1100735, to "preserve the history and aircraft of Britten-Norman with the support of members".

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If you would like to join BNAPS and help towards the fundraising please contact Bob Wealthy of BNAPS.