Your help needed

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find an Islander that we cannot link back to a constructor's number (MSN). Perhaps you might be able to help with these aircraft? If you can please email us!


Seen at  Charallave, Venezuela 28.6.12. Has extra cabin windows. See picture on Flickr


Seen at  Charallave, Venezuela 28.6.12. See picture on Flickr

9J-ASA - Proflight Services, Lusaka, Zambia.

Noted at Lusaka 12.4.13 in old Proflight colour scheme. Used for spares; had no engines.

HI-845 - Sky High Aviation Services, Dominican Republic.

Seen at Punta Cana 12.8.08. See picture here - we have now identified this as c/n 2005 ex HI-593CA.


Noted in a compound at Nairobi-Wilson early May 2007.

D2-EBC & D2-EBE Mavewa - Sociedade Comercial e Industrial, Luanda, Angola.

First reported in jp airline-fleets international 96/97. Likely to be an ex-Angolan Government aircraft. Quoted as current in fleet on Angolan web site 2.01. Noted  at Windhoek Eros, Namiba on 17.10.08.

Other mysteries:

The following aircraft have been reported as sold to another country, are no longer in an operator's fleet, of has a fate unknown to us. Any information may help us find where the aircraft has gone:

0098  HI-663CA  sold 10.97 

0300  XA-CIQ  fate unknown 1994

0313  XA-DAB  fate unknown 7.94

0399  N60616  sold in France 22.11.02. Noted at Guadeloupe in 2003 stored with F-OGOV painted out. Reported registered to Air Vendee Investments as                                                 F-OGOV in 2010. Did this ever leave Gaudeloupe??

0405  YV-2384P  JSCTD. Fate unknown 1994.

0466  3X-GEF  Cancelled 7.5.13.

0499  PT-KTS  fate unknown 1996.

0598  XA-IIM  fate unknown 1994.

0617 9Q-CYA fate unknown.

0638  9Q-CYC  fate unknown.

0734  EL-AHZ  fate unknown 1990.

0837  PK-BIG  fate unknown 1997.

0866  B-12203  fate unknown 1993.

0891  YV-??  sold in Venezuela 23.2.11.

0900  YV-??  sold in Venezuela 3.11.09.

0908  V3-HDV  withdrawn from use 2001.

1061  B-11118  fate unknown.

2116  PZ-TGT  fate unknown 2009.

If you can help please email us!

Thank you!