Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find an Islander that we cannot link back to a constructor's number (C/N, MSN or build number). Perhaps you might be able to help with these aircraft? If you can please Contact us

9J-ASA - Proflight Services, Lusaka, Zambia. Noted at Lusaka 12.4.13 in old Proflight colour scheme. Used for spares; had no engines.

A2-AJW. Noted in a compound at Nairobi-Wilson early May 2007.

D2-EBC & D2-EBE Mavewa - Sociedade Comercial e Industrial, Luanda, Angola. First reported in jp airline-fleets international 96/97. Likely to be an ex-Angolan Government aircraft. Quoted as current in fleet on Angolan web site 2.01. Noted  at Windhoek Eros, Namiba on 17.10.08.

XC-BIG - Noted at Toluca, 4.02

XB-CHJ Productiones Forestal de la Turahumay, Chihuahua, Mexico. Quoted on Mexcian register (9.99) as c/n 909 - which is JA5270 - may be c/n 906.

YS-50C ALAS SA, Ilopango, El Salvador. Operational in 1987. On El Salvador register, no c/n given.

4X-FMC/003 Israeli Defence Force/Air Force, Tel Aviv, Israel. 10.73. It has been well documented that the IDF/AF operated Islanders acquired second hand in 1973. Although some sources suggest that up to a dozen were used, we are reasonably sure that only four saw service. Three are known to be c/ns 96, 107 and 285. C/ns 107 and 285 now are in IDF/AF museums and their IDF/AF identities confirmed as 4X-FMA/001 and 4X-FMD/004 respectively. Knowing this it is fairly safe to presume that the IDF/AF identities were 001/4X-FMA through to 004/4X-FMD.  C/n 96 was returned to Kanaf/Arkia in 1978, and although we do not know the IDF/AF identity, it must have been either 4X-FMB/002 or 4X-FMC/003. To date we have been unable to discover the c/n of the fourth aircraft, though there is a possibility it could be c/n 166.

Other mysteries:

The following aircraft have been reported as sold to another country, are no longer in an operator's fleet, of has a fate unknown to us. Any information may help us find where the aircraft has gone:

0098  HI-663CA sold 10.97

0300  XA-CIQ  fate unknown 1994

0313  XA-DAB  fate unknown 7.94

0466  3X-GEF  Cancelled 7.5.13.

0499  PT-KTS  fate unknown 1996.

0598  XA-IIM  fate unknown 1994.

0638  9Q-CYC  fate unknown.

0734  EL-AHZ  fate unknown 1990. May be re-reg EL-YNA seen at Abidjan 5.97 stored in poor condition